Saturday, November 21, 2015

I Am Hopefully Back to Share More With You

After a long sabbatical of life's changes, I hope to be back with you. First, thank you to many of those who E-mailed me wanting to know where I have been and wanted more blogs. I appreciate those E-mails! The reason I have been away is a number of things. First, about 2 years ago, the full time job I have had for some 12 years, was suddenly turned to part-time with no benefits because of the economy. I survived part-time with the job until July of 2015 when they essentially shut the department down and sent everyone home. At 52 years old at that time, it sent me into an emotional spiral down. I have never ever had to worry about a job all of my life. This soured any notation of writing a blog with a positive attitude. It took two years to pull out of that. My wife and daughter are glad I am coming back out of my shell after this bomb in life went off.

 I have been running a video and audio installation company part-time since 1997, so I just rolled full time over to that to move on and survive. Surviving in modern times with the new ACA means working full time to make $1,400 per month health insurance payments for my family, which is a fight every single day, but I won't get into those politics. It just robs me of money to go on adventure trips that I need, desire, and pursue.

Working for your own company takes a lot of your time. Time that I used to have to share blogs with you! My business is going very good now, so I have been going off and on some adventures lately. Hopefully I can get back in the writing groove more to share them with you. I don't think you will see as many as I used to post, but I promise to post some. I have been captivated documenting and sharing trips now with a GoPro camera.  I hope to launch a YouTube Channel in the near future to continue what you have been reading here. Be watching for more on that. Thanks again to those of you that sent me E-mails of encouragement. It has brought me back to you. Looking forward to continuing life's journey of sharing the beauty around us in God's outdoors. Hang on. More coming!
Rex Free