Friday, April 1, 2011

More Adventures In The Planning-Alaska and The Smokey Mountains National Park

Winter 2010-2011 in Review and Adventures Ahead

What an amazing winter with backpacking trips in the Bankhead National Forest with my camping buddies. The snakes, ticks, chiggers, and mosquitoes are all on their way out with the warmer weather, so it is time to put down the backpack in Alabama and head for higher ground and travel north! If the Lord is willing for me to do this, and I can stay employed in this dropping economy in the United States, I have two adventure trips ahead that I am exicted to share with you. In May of 2011, I hope you will ride along with me as we head back to the old familiar place on this blog-kayak camping on Fontana Lake in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park! This will make about my 12th year going to this amazing place. I hope to take members of the Huntsville Canoe Club along with me as well as some of my close backpacking friends that like to kayak and camp. I hope you will check back and join us on that trip around the first of May.

Let's Head North This Summer-About 4,000 Miles!

Final plans are being layed out for a summer journey to my favorite place in the world! Airline tickets have just gotten booked, the gear is being layed out, and the mind is getting focused on returning to some of my favorite spots once again. In late July, you will be travelling in this blog to Anchorage, Alaska with me and the family. We plan to take you to Seward, Whittier, Homer, Wasilla, and a surprise stay at an extremely remote place on Lake Louise. A close friend of mine in Anchorage that I have come to know over the years has extended an invitation for my family (and you along with us in the blog) to come spend about 2-3 nights in a very remote cabin on Lake Louise. It is only accesible by boat, has all the wild elements of Alaska, and yes, the shotgun must be carried everywhere to protect you from any moose or grizzly bears that might want to take you on. This is something I have dreamed about all my life! Spending the night in a remote cabin, deep in the wilds of Alaska. Lord willing, I hope to have my family right beside me. As much as I have traveled all of the United States and overseas with work, I have not had an opportunity to take my family much at all with me. I decided before I get too far past 50 years old and I still have a job (as of this writing), I had better do it soon! This trip is going to be focused on wildlife. My family has requested this so look for hopefully pictures of grizzly bear, the salmon runs (peak during this time), and with a little luck, whales and dolphins on an excursion planned near Seward where my nephew Eric and I kayak camped in 2007. There will be more to add to this post on this subject, so stand by for updates! If they don't tax me death with hidden fees on airlines, RV rentals, gear rentals, shipping, and anything else "tax and fees" wise they can hide and add, I pray to share another adventure on this in late July with everyone following the blogs.

Last, THANK YOU ALL for the kind words that many of you have shared with me on these blogs so far over the years. Those comments keep me writing and sharing adventures with you. I have a passion for adventure in life and I love to share it. Obviously, many of you following this have a passion and go on perhaps your own adventures as well. If you can, get outdoors and enjoy some adventure this summer! If you cannot because of various reasons, just sit tight and I hope to take you along with me and we can share the fun together!